NEXT5408 – (BAC-5408) 5 Gl. Pail

NEXT 5408 is a patent pending azeotropic mixture of 1,2-trans-dichloroethylene and proprietary fluorinated compounds. It was designed for vapor degreasing applications as a direct substitute for nPB based solvents, as well as other fluorintated solvents such as Chemours Vertrel®, 3M Novec®, HCFC-225 and others.

NEXT 5408 has a very low ozone depleting potential, making it a very environmentally conscious choice. The primary compounds in this product are also US EPA SNAP approved.

Check NEXT 5408 Data Sheet Here

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Boeing Approved to specBAC-5408 

Non-Flammable, Aerospace-Approved Precision Cleaning Solvent

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