VeraClean® Plus Aerospace Wipe 561336, 12.2"x17.3" , case of 800 wipes

Introducing the VeraClean™ wipe, 561336 a multi purpose cleaning cloth, size: 12.2"x17.3"  , designed specifically for the aerospace industry. Made from natural fiber Rayon, VeraClean™ is ideal for use in any cleaning or wiping application where a low lint, nonabrasive cloth is required. VeraClean™ contains no silicone or chemical binders, resulting in a cleaning cloth that is both extremely soft and chemically pure.


VeraClean Aerospace Wipe.

  • AMS-3819C

  • BMS-15-5G

  • 12.2"x17.3"

  • Roll , Solvent, Dry

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